"...quite stunning tonight..."
Graham Day & The Forefathers are quite stunning tonight, armed with a mightily impressive back catalogue that deserves to be lauded amongst the very best in great British Rock music, the set list is crammed full of a prime selection of Prisoners, Gaolers, Solarflares and Prime Movers nuggets. Whether it’s The Gaolers "Begging You" with its crunching bass intro or the slashing chords of the Solarflares "You Want Blood", each song is just as eagerly devoured by the crowd as those more familiar Prisoners classics such as "Reaching My Head" or "Love Me Lies". 
Wolf Howard - Photo copyright Retro Man Blog
Graham Day - Photo copyright Retro Man Blog
A rowdy, energetic but good natured "middle-aged mosh-pit" starts up with the crunching chords of "Be On Your Way" and didn’t let up until the very end. This time round there are some surprise additions to the set, including The Prisoners 1997 "come-back" single "Shine On Me" and the rare B-Side "Small". The band encored with a great version of "I Drink The Ocean" which segued into Deep Purple’s "Hush". This sparked off a stage invasion and some nifty impromptu Go-Go dancing by a couple of eager audience members.  Although The Forefathers was never really meant to be a long-term concern, there’s no doubting the chemistry between Graham, drummer Wolf and bassist Allan and we can but hope that the three of them continue to play together in some form or other for a lot longer. So, what do you think? Shall we do it all again next year…?

Steve Worrall
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