A brilliant idea and a great album.

Graham Day and The Forefathers

‘Good Things’ – Album

So, here’s the basic idea. A grossly under-rated and overlooked songwriter decides to get a couple of his long-time mates and former band members to join him for a reworking of some of his work spanning over 30 years. They strip it back to basics. Guitar, bass and drums and let rip.

The result is, you end up with six Solarflares tracks, three from The Prisoners, two from The Gaolers and one from Prime Movers. All of them brilliant in their own right, but taken to a new ‘Medway garage’ high on this album.

Graham Day and The Forefathers (they being Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard) have reminded anyone who didn’t know, (or just plain forgot) what incredible musicians they are and what a fine songwriter Graham Day is.

Exuding the principle of ‘don’t think about it, just get it done’, from the off, with ‘The Good Things’, ‘Mary’ and ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Mind’, Graham, Allan and Wolf just tear it up.

All through this 12 track collection, you constantly find yourself marvelling at the power of the trio and at the same time, humming along to a catchy chorus or hook that is the foundation of all great songs.

It is a very neat trick to be able to play with such force and such skill so as not to lose the finer qualities of a tune. That takes experience, of which Graham, Allan and Wolf have bucket loads.

When I said at the start that this was a ‘basic idea’, it has turned into a brilliant idea and a great album.

Graham Lentz
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