they occasionally sound a lot more snotty than the (excellent) original tracks.

"Formally, with "Good Things" the FOREFATHERS treated themselves to a tribute album to themselves. Graham Day, Wolf Howard and Allan Crockford, three primary rocks of the Medway Beat, have been the germ cell of legendary bands, such as the PRISONERS, PRIME MOVERS, SOLARFLARES, JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET, and the BUFF MEDWAYS; their common back catalogue is as extensive as it is influential. Going by the name of FOREFATHERS, they have been active on stage for well over a year now, and their first single (on Imperial State) is already in stores. The first album had to be made as soon as possible, as the interest was immense. Thus it came about that the band completed the recordings - Blitzkrieg style - within just a few days. The backing tracks were generated in the back room of a copy shop, while Graham Day recorded his vocals the same evening at home on his laptop, then mailing them to Crockford, who added some organ tracks the day after. A quick mix, and the album was complete. Despite the modern way of producing, it sounds wonderfully old-fashioned, like vintage motors and a 0,5'' band machine. The songs are a ramble through the repertoire of the persons involved, early PRIME MOVERS, SOLARFLARES and PRISONERS songs were recorded in new versions, and indeed they occasionally sound a lot more snotty than the (excellent) original tracks. No trace of old age leniency! My personal favourite is "I am the Fisherman" from the 1st PRISONERS album, a super melodic Modbeat tune. Obviously feeling comfortable with the old tracks, the band play highly energetic, exact to the quarter of a semiquaver. Pure listening pleasure! A really marvellous album the old boys have managed to do, and I do hope it won't be long till entirely 'new stuff' is going to be delivered!"

Gereon Helmer
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