Flashes of pure genius.... leave you open-mouthed....

I have to repeat myself: God does not exist, if one of the greatest British songwriter of the last 30 years is almost unknown. After the Prisoners, the Prime Movers, the Solarflares and Gaolers, Graham Day invents the Forefathers and, needless to say, publishes a beautiful drive twelve covers of his old band resounded with the maturity and the anger of those who has never been understood to the end. Flashes of pure genius as Mary and I Am The Fisherman leave you open-mouthed in their new version. And you angry, if you think for someone like Liam Gallagher is still stretch out red carpets despite imbrocchi no longer a decent song for centuries. In the case of Good Things, an 8 assigned to a disk of the sun covers a vote is justified. Because when there's half Graham Day, 8 is the minimum wage, from there you can only go up.

Luca Frazzi
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