What a result!

Translated from the French (badly) by Google:

Role idea that this new album signed by Mister Day & his boys .
But what a result !!!
With a line up that includes this amount of talent , nothing more normal!
These three : Graham Day , Allan Crockford Wolf and Howard have formed a group to be a tribute band to the songs signed by Graham Day throughout his career. This should only be a tribute album becomes a sort of best of his work. 12 versions recorded in 2014 of some of the most beautiful songs of Graham Day . In my opinion this SIR has never written bad ( at least not on the albums I have, and it starts to make a packet).
Here we find 6 titles Solarflares , three PRISONERS , two of GAOLERS and a PRIME MOVERS . Registered quickly and so well to keep the voltage necessary for his songs , the disc shows the extent of the work of the master , magnified by the interpretation of a trio who knows by heart . The original versions are different , in the same spirit : just sexy . In the end you already know his work or not , here is a full album that feasts on the first note to the last .

Bertrand Tappaz
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