Album Cover
False Memory Lane
The Galileo 7
Released: May 27, 2014
Label: Fools Paradise
Track Listing
1 Don't follow me
2 My cover is blown
3 You're not dreaming
4 False Memory Lane
5 Nobody told you
6 Don't know what I'm waiting for
7 I'm still here
8 Tide's rising
9 Fools
10 Don't want to know
11 Little by little

Liner Notes

The 3rd album by Allan's other band, The Galileo 7. Released May 2014. Find out more at

The vinyl version is now sold out. CD still available.


'Crockford's songs, and the conviction of his performances are the key elements here though - these aren't the tentative doodlings of a sideman, but the confident outpourings of a born frontman who has had the grace and humility to allow others their time in the limelight before claiming his own moment or two. Top band too, with the Higher State's Mole on bass and great vintage organwork from Viv Bonsel providing able support.' - The Active Listener

"...a thoroughly satisfying, brilliantly realized album." -     Retro Man Blog
"...the music is very good, and the band bristle with integrity, but above all the songwriting is not just excellent, but it contains the seeds of something that truly could turn out to be extraordinary within it"- Gonzo Weekly
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