Album Cover
Can Satisfy You
The Solarflares
Released: May 16, 2003
Label: Own Up
Track Listing
1 Inside of a dream
2 Valerie
3 Save my soul
4 Miles away
5 Creepy Crawlies
6 Satisfy you
7 Get it together
8 Sucking out my insides
9 Glad to see you go
10 Open your eyes
11 Just wanna be bad
12 Father's name is Dad
13 Hold on

Liner Notes

Before The Forefathers was The Solarflares... Same people, same music. And this album was a kind of forerunner to the new Forefathers album, in that it contains re-recordings of some older songs, plus some rough as old boots live stuff and cover versions.

It was made in 2003, and the idea was that it would be a kind of 'official bootleg' only available at gigs. The problem was that soon after we did the second pressing, we decided to call it a day - leaving a big box of unsold CDs. Copies have been available on a couple of mail order sites, but none of us have made an effort to let former fans know that it is still around...too busy trying to sell the efforts of subsequent bands!

The album is a collection of covers, live versions, and re-recordings of songs that we felt had been improved when Parsley (organ) joined the original trio. Apart from the live recordings, the whole album was knocked out in a couple of days on an old 8 track recorder in Graham's garage using the same gear and recording methods we used to make 'Look what I made out of my head', our previous (and my favourite) Solarflares album.

The Solarflares made 5 albums in total between 1999-2004.This album gives a good account of what we were about - fiery, violent Medway garage rock with proper tunes...

The Solarflares line-up:

Graham Day (vocals, guitar)
Allan Crockford (bass, vocals)
Wolf Howard (drums)
Parsley (organ 2001-2004)

Discography (aproximate!):

Psychedelic Tantrum (Twist) 1999
That was then...and so is this (Twist) 2000
Look what I made out of my head (Big Beat) 2002
Can satisfy you (Own Up) 2003
Laughing Suns (Big Beat) 2004

7" Singles
Can't get you out of my mind (Twist) 1999
Reflections (Twist) 2000
You want blood (Big Beat) 2002

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